Kaarten serie ‘Blom’ van Maartje + Tiny

17,00 incl. btw

A beautiful set of four handprinted cards including fancy, kraft envelopes.

Tiny Risselada, who is a true letterpress queen that runs a gorgeous letterpress studio in Amersfoort suggested that we could just as well make a little set of cards, just to celebrate both our love for handprinted matter and flowery florals.

Tiny had the paper made by hand in Hungary.

Also she is a master in operating the classical Heidelberg bookprinting press. This is also how she printed my drawings on the stubborn Hungarian paper. All in all they have became a truly fine set of four. Olive, Grass, Cow Parseley and Queen anne’s lace.

Because of the manual way we printed the cards, every single card has a different distribution of ink. This resembles the way that every flower has their own time to grow, bloom and perish.

text and photos: Maartje van den Noort

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