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Living abroad? We ship our cards all over the world!

It is most likely that you’ve found our cards through Pinterest, Google or Instagram because you are looking for birth cards or invites for your wedding. We are Letterpers and are based in Amersfoort (Netherlands). With an amazing team we design and create unique cards with the letterpress technique.

Letterpress is the most beautiful way to put ink into paper. With a Heidelberg press we stamp the ink into the surface leaving a beautiful impression.

We only work with the best paper quality and we always keep experimenting with new papers, for example papers with seeds. This means that you can even grow a field bouquet from your card.

The Letterpers cards travel all over the world since 2009. Recently we made the birth announcement for little baby boy who is born on the Cook Islands, near New Zealand. Also the wedding stationary for Annebeth and Oliver who are living in the UK but are getting married in Italy are just finished.

How does it work?
– Please send us your preferences. Have you seen a design you like on our website, or do you have your own design ideas?
– What is your due date or the date you want to receive the wedding invites?
– How many cards to you want to order?
– Is there a budget we have to consider?
– Send this to info@letterpers.nl and you will receive a personal offer.

Price indication
On our website most designs show an indication price for 125 cards excluded envelopes and shipping. If you want to order more or less cards the difference is only 60 cents per piece included VAT. Starting the Heidelberg press and making the photopolymer plates is the most expensive part of the process. More are less cards will save only paper, that is why the difference between 125 and 100 cards is only 15 euro.

Offer accepted
If you are just as excited as us, please return a signed version of your personal offer by mail. You will receive a fill in form so we can collect all your preferences (color, text etc) and we make a first design. To make sure we press the correct color we will send you a view examples matching your preferences.

Delivery time
If the design is approved and the invoice is paid we start the procedure. In case of birth announcements the cards are ready for shipping within 2 to 6 working days after the design approval. Marriage invites will be presented to the post within 6 to 12 working days.

You have found the best design office and printing company there is. And we would love to design and make your cards. We have a limited number of cards we can make a month. Make sure you have a spot!